Sunday, November 2, 2008

Who needs a knife when you have a drill handy?

Grandpa assisted Garrett in decorating his pumpkin. Grandma Silly didn't want to scoop out pumpkin guts this year so she bought the kids decorations that stick into the pumpkins. Think of it as a Mr. Pumpkin Head. Each kit contained enough pieces to decorate two pumpkins so Garrett made a two face pumpkin. (He has been obsessed with two face things since watching The Dark Knight.) After his pumpkin was complete he reminded Grandma to turn his pumpkin daily. Hey, he's all for equality! Here is Meagan's pumpkin. She also chose to make a two faced pumpkin.

One afternoon after decorating their pumpkins, I drove the kids by Grandma Silly's so they could see the wooden pumpkins with their names on them. (My mom wanted to surprise them so she didn't tell the kids about them.)
I told the kids to check out Grandma's porch as I drove by. Garrett completely missed his wooden pumpkin with his name on it because he was checking to see if Grandma had changed his pumpkin around! Every time he talked to her on the phone he would check with her to see if she was changing his pumpkin each day!


Cindi said...

I was hoping to see a picture of the wooden pumpkins with their names on them! Maybe next time?

I love the idea of a Mr. Pumpkin Head, lol.

Hope they had a great and safe Halloween!

Cindi said...

Okay, seriously ignore most of my previous comment.

After I submitted it, I went back and read earlier posts.

Their Halloween was nice, but Garrett got sick, poor thing. I hope he's better now.

And I saw the wooden pumpkins your mom got for them.

I really need to learn to not jump into things (like commenting!) so darn quick!