Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Little Survey

Updated to show my answers. (and Yes, I know it took me more than a few days. Sorry Cindi! You can see my friend Cindi's answers on her blog here. Thanks to Krissy who answered in my comments! I have been so busy with kickball - haven't I said that before? - but hopefully I'll be posting on a more regular basis now!)

I found this over at A is for Beautiful and thought it would be fun to answer.

You can leave your answers in the comments section or do a post on your blog. (Who I am lying to? I have no readers who are going to be bored enough to actually do this in writing! :)

1. summer television: waste of time or guilty pleasure? Umm, I watch TV all year long. I consider it cheap therapy!
2. baked potatoes: butter, sour cream, bacon bits, chives, cheese? any or all? Everything but sour cream
3. Facebook: must-do or proud resister? I have an account but am not addicted or anything.
4. coupon clipping: yes or no? Yes. When people buy the paper and give me coupons.
5. babyback ribs or key lime pie? Both, of course!
6. Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune? Jeopardy. It comes on at 1:30 here so I Tivo it and watch it when I get home from work.
7. ocean waves or lazy river? Lazy river
8. pickles: dill or sweet? Depends on what I'm using them for.
9. the economy: still ick or rebounding? Who knows?
10. eBay or Craigslist? eBay
11. Mexican food or sushi? Mexican Food
12. Edward, Jacob, or who cares? I'm obviously out of the loop. Who are these people??
13. pregnancy dreams: annoying or humorous? Humorous, it's the only time in my life that I could remember by dreams - because they were so weird!
14. summer thunderstorms: music to your ears or pain in the rear? Music to my ears!
15. online games: good way to pass the time at work on a Friday or who has the time? Fun way to avoid housework - no access to them at work.
16. So You Think You Can Dance: addicting entertainment or yawn? I've never seen an episode.
17. beach or mountains? Mountains
18. hardback or paperback? Paperback
19. Pepsi or Coke? Coke
20. Ellie or Josh? any bets? Again - who??

I'll post my answers in a day or two.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Jimmy! You are the best father that we could ever ask for.
We love you!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A new summer do . . .

Garrett's hair had gotten pretty long (well, for him anyway) and he had fun making it into a mohawk in the bathtub. Jimmy and I had decided that he could have a mohawk for the summer. (Not a complete mohawk - we were just going to leave the center longer and the sides pretty short.)

However, when I took Garrett to get his hair cut he had changed his mind. He decided he just wanted the front of his hair to stand up.

So here he is with his new do for summer.

I should have taken a picture of him standing sideways so you would really be able to see the front of his hair spiked up.

***Hair update: Garrett let me put gel in his hair and spike the front of it for only one day. After that he refused to let me touch it. Sigh . . .

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Taking a deep breath . . . .

Here's why I haven't been blogging:

  • Friday was the last day of school for kids and Saturday was the last workday for teachers for the 2008-2009 school year
  • Reading Specialists are in charge of organizing summer school for all of the elementary schools in town
  • Meagan finished her first year of middle school
  • Meagan's birthday is coming up in just a couple of weeks
  • Garrett finished kinder - sob, sob
  • I helped to make a scrapbook for a staff member who left our school after 8 years
  • I finally moved all of my stuff out of my old classroom
  • I spent about $2500 (not my money!) on books/supplies for next year
  • our kickball team had 5 or 6 games in last three weeks
  • our kickball team won the last 10 games they played
  • our kickball team won their 10th straight game in the bottom of the sixth inning to become the JUNIOR CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I've been a little busy. I have kept up (well, a little anyway) with my Twitter posts so I will have to reread them to work on blogging all of the things that have been going on around here the last couple of weeks.

All I've done the last couple of weeks in my house is the bare minimum. You know, washing spoons as we need them, making sure we have a clean uniform for both kids for the next day, making sure people have socks and underwear, and washing our kickball uniforms repeatedly.

Today I am cleaning house and then going to a meeting with Jimmy to pick the ALL STAR JUNIOR TEAM! Because, as the coaches of the team who won FIRST PLACE! we get to coach the All Star team and take them to the state tournament in Austin, Texas over the Fourth of July weekend. But, I promise, I will try to start blogging with some sort of regularity (is that even a word?) soon.

(I'm a little excited about winning first place in kickball - just in case you can't tell.)