Saturday, June 20, 2009

A new summer do . . .

Garrett's hair had gotten pretty long (well, for him anyway) and he had fun making it into a mohawk in the bathtub. Jimmy and I had decided that he could have a mohawk for the summer. (Not a complete mohawk - we were just going to leave the center longer and the sides pretty short.)

However, when I took Garrett to get his hair cut he had changed his mind. He decided he just wanted the front of his hair to stand up.

So here he is with his new do for summer.

I should have taken a picture of him standing sideways so you would really be able to see the front of his hair spiked up.

***Hair update: Garrett let me put gel in his hair and spike the front of it for only one day. After that he refused to let me touch it. Sigh . . .

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