Monday, March 2, 2009

The Young Scientist

I mentioned in a previous post that Garrett had won at his school's science fair. Well, I finally found the cord to the camera so here are the pictures.
If it hadn't have been for Garrett constantly nagging me, I probably wouldn't even have done a science fair project with him. At his school entering the science fair isn't required until you get to second grade.
Anyway, he kept nagging me and so the week before the science fair we put together a project. He made a ramp out of a piece of wood and two different boxes. We measured how far his toy car traveled with both ramps. He had said the higher ramp would make the car go farther and he was right.
It was so cute to watch how serious he was during the actual experiment. He got a piece of paper and wrote down the numbers off of the measuring stick after he let each car go down the ramp.
His project will go to the district science fair at the end of March. All six of the elementary schools in our town send projects to the district science fair. Winners from the district science fair go on to compete in the Coastal Bend Science Fair which takes places in a large city about 45 minutes from us.
We will just have to wait and see what happens!

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Anonymous said...

That is my grandson. He has allways needed to know how things work. I love him and his sister very much. They do so well in school. So I need to Thank_you and Jimmy for doing such a great job at helping them to be good kids.With LoveMom.