Monday, March 18, 2013

30 Things I Love

I borrowed this idea from D who I've recently met on Twitter.  Her blog, Still Playing School is full of fun ideas to do at home with little ones.  She is a fellow teacher too.  You can also read about how they are honoring their beautiful daughter Violet, who passed away due to a heart condition.

As D said, I'm posting this for fun mostly, and also to share information about me for the current CDP exchange going on.

So here goes - 30 Things I Love:

1.  Twitter and the community I'm slowly building.  When I first started Twitter it was a way to hear more from Bloggers that I love - SwistleLinda at All & SundryAlexa at Flotsam, etc.  I'm nosy by nature (in a good way, I promise!) and it was a good way to hear about people's life stories.  However, as I've spent more time on Twitter I have met some really great people.  I now Tweet back and forth with people and have participated in some fun surprises for people.  If you are new to Twitter and it seems like no one talks to you, hang in there.  You will find your people.

2.  Cr*ppy D*y Gift Exchanges  (replace * with an a) 
I met Doing My Best through Swistle on Twitter.  (And I met E @ Still Playing School from her.  See, that's how you build your community right there.)  If you are not reading this blog already you need to do so right now!  Doing My Best is the most thoughtful, kind, caring person you will EVER meet on the internet.  She spreads joy and happiness on a daily basis. 

3.  Collecting refrigerator magnets from places I visit
4.  The freedom I have now that my kids are older.  I can walk out of the door by myself! to run errands. 
5.  Nike running shoes - even though I hate to run.  I love to wear them to work.
6.  My iPhone.  I am a sucker for accessing my email, Twitter, Facebook, games, music, etc. all the time.  (Too much perhaps.) 
7.  The great group of women that I work with.  I just started a new job this year and thank goodness for these women.
8.  My DVR - I don't think I know how to watch a TV show at its regular time anymore.  Also, I hate commercials. 
9.  Looking at pictures.  Once upon a time, I used to scrapbook.  I really need to get organized and get back to it.
10.  Reading.  I love Half Price Books.  I also go to the library in the summer.
11.  Fountain sodas from McDonalds with lots of ice.
12.  Salads with all kinds of veggies, cheese, croutons, and ranch dressing.  (I never said they were healthy salads!)
13.  Paying bills online
14.  Bright colors- especially in spring and summer.
15.  Beach towels to use as bath towels.  Or, really large bath sheets. 
16.  Dried fruit/trail mix/nuts/granola
17.  Good scissors and scotch tape
18.  Printing things in color
19.  Clean sheets on the bed
20.  The beach, the sound of the waves is so peaceful to me.
21.  The feeling of accomplishment after I exercise.  (I just don't ever do
it. :(
22.  The sense of accomplishment after I clean up/organize.  (I just don't do this enough either. : (
23.  Cooking, especially for others.
24.  Chocolate covered almonds
25.  Manicures and pedicures
26.  Making labels for things, either on the computer or with a label maker.
27.  My new job as a literacy coach
28.  Watching an exciting kickball game (Especially when we win!)
29.  Post-it notes
30.  Sending mail to people

**I have to add one more thing - 31.  Autosave on Blogger.  I just finished this post and went to look for one more link I wanted to create.  While doing that, I accidentally closed this window.  Thankfully, my WHOLE post was saved.  YAY!!

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