Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Alice I.S.D. Awards Night

This is Jimmy and I at the district awards night. I received a plaque for being "Teacher of the Year Nominee" It says nominee because they (and I have NO IDEA who they is) select a Teacher of the Year for the district. I was not selected but I think the teacher they selected is a FANTASTIC teacher so I am happy about that.

I did get a nice surprise - a local car dealership has donated the use of a car for one year to AISD teacher of the year nomineess. There were 12 of us in all so each one of us will have the use of a vehicle for one month!

I'll post a picture when I get my new wheels!

The Alice Echo also published my picture in the paper along with an essay I wrote about teaching. (Thanks Elice for the helping with editing and revising!)

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