Saturday, June 28, 2008

Meg's Party at home

Here is a picture of Meg's cake. She requested chocolate cake with strawberry icing. I bought candles that were like sparklers and relit themselves when she blew them out. I made a Key Lime Cake as well. Yum!
Hot dogs and chips rounded out the menu - except for the birthday girl. She ate a chicken patty. (Big surprise!) : )


Cindi said...

You have adorable children! Thanks for mentioning your blog at Like you said in one post, staying up late and reading blogs is a great way to spend a night!

I'm looking forward to coming back here often!

Paulie said...

Saw your addy at Tnet also so thought I would come by -- that way you can also have mine. . . Ü Looks and sounds like daughter had a great birthday and congrats on the nominee for Teacher of year and prize of use of a car for a month free. Enjoy both!