Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thank you Ethan!

Last weekend when Jimmy was gone to Houston to see the Miami Dolphins, a good friend of mine came over. (Well, several good friends came over - more about that later.) She brought her two kids. Her daughter is friends with Meagan and her son is friends with Garrett.

We are always looking for things to keep the kids busy so we can scrapbook. The girls have started scrapbooking so they were busy with that. I suggested she bring Ethan's train set. It is the type of toy that is more fun with two kids to get out all of the pieces and then run the train around the track.

After the boys had played for a while, Ethan told his mom he wanted Garrett to have his train set.

Ethan, you are such a thoughtful little boy! Thank you so much for the train set. Garrett loves it and is playing with it all of the time.