Saturday, September 6, 2008

Did you know that September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month?

Spuddy Buddy lost a childhood friend to this cancer so she is hosting a contest in order spread awareness about it. Check out this important information and sign up for her prize here.

You can also find some great information at the Ovarian Cancer Awareness website.

I found Spuddy Buddy through Swistle who is a stay at home mom of five. Her blog is really funny and I find myself nodding my head at 99% of her posts because I feel exactly the way she does. Swistle is who started the Pay It Forward contests this summer to liven things up. Yah for Swistle!


Cindi said...

I didn't know that September was Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Thanks for drawing it to my attention Elizabeth!

Fortunately I don't personally know anyone who has yet to deal with this type of cancer. I know that it is a silent, yet deadly cancer and by the time it rears its ugly head, it's usually fairly advanced.

We need to eradicate ALL cancers, and hopefully through continued research, this will happen during my lifetime!

ya ya's mom said...

thanks for the sweet thoughts to my pink-eyed monster, er, i mean short person :) how goes the second week of school? i was pleased to get a positive call from my sub today, phew!