Monday, September 29, 2008

Garrett and A.R.

Every week children who meet their A.R. goal get to do something special at school on Friday.

These pictures are from the last two weeks. Garrett got to wear a cap on one Friday and blue jeans shorts on another.

****A.R. stands for Accelerated Reader, a program in which students read books (at their independent reading level) and then take a test on the book on the computer. The student earns points based on his or her grade. Lots of educators do not like A.R. for various reasons. I happen to really like A.R. and feel that my school does a great job at using A.R. as a motivational tool to get children to read. Children who do not read independently yet are read to.

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Cindi said...

He looks so happy! I know you're very proud of him too!

We do AR and I think it's good, as long as it's not held over a child's head. Some of our teachers use it as part of the reading grade, and I totally disagree with that. It's great for exposing kids to reading, but when they begin to resent the whole program, then something isn't right. Some of our kids have turned it into a competition and it's more than that. Some teachers require that the kids read more nonfiction books than fiction books, and that's not right. I prefer fiction (actually sort of smutty fiction, if the truth were to be known!) and if I had to read nonfiction for a grade before I could read fiction for a grade...well, just count me out!

Okay, I'm off my soapbox now...Garrett looks thrilled!