Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mr. Serious

Anyone who has met Garrett knows he isn't crazy about sitting still. He is all boy, always on the go, wanting to see things and touch things, and figure out how things work. He loves to play outside and get dirty.

However, in preschool he was very well behaved and the teachers had only good things to say about him. His only downfall is that he is very shy about speaking to grownups.

He has suddenly become interested in working on writing his letters. Nana bought him a Spiderman workbook on their last trip to the dollar store and he has enjoyed practicing with it. He gets frustrated easily however because he wants all of his letters to be perfect. When that happens I encourage him to go find something else to do. We then work a little more on letters later.

Even though he grumbles some mornings I know he really does like going to school. I hope that this continues (the enjoying, not the grumbling!) and he does well in school.

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