Saturday, December 20, 2008

My new title shall be . . .

Reading Specialist!

I got the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got the news yesterday. My principal called me into the office at 2:00 or so and gave me the news.

When we go back from break (January 5th) we will start interviewing people to fill my teaching position.

Once the district hires someone, I will team teach with that person for a week or two and then get started on being the Reading Specialist.

We have two weeks off for Christmas so I plan on going in and organizing my room and packing up some of my stuff to get it out of the way. I won't pull everything that is mine out of my room right now. For one, I have no where to put extra stuff and two, it wouldn't be fair to my kids to take everything that they are familiar with away from them.

Hopefully by the end of January I can have classes of my own started. I am really excited to work with kids from all of the different grade levels. I have spent the last 10 years working with 8 -10 year olds and think I will really enjoy the change.

I will be working with dyslexic students using the Language! program that our district has adopted.

I don't know what room I will be in now. Our old specialist used part of the computer lab but that isn't the plan for me. I think we are going to move some things around in another room to give me a new classroom of my own.

I am really excited about it but I don't think it is going to totally sink in until I actually start setting up my new space and setting up groups and lessons.

I know that leaving the classroom full time is going to be hard. I cried on Wednesday when one of my students moved to Houston so I can only imagine how it is going to be to leave 19 of them at once!

I am also going to REALLY miss my teammates. I have posted before about how well we work together.

The good thing is that I will still be on the same campus. The more I learn about where I work the more I am convinced that there is truly no place like home.


ya ya's mom said...

Oh yeah for you!!! Congrats, what a great christmas present :) I hope you luv your new position!!!

Following Him said...

CONGRATS to you girlfriend! Which lang/reading program do you guys use??? I have been through several because I am Dyslexic and Dysgraphic...just curious!
Merry Christmas!

Cindi said...

This is WONDERFUL news Elizabeth! I'm so very happy for you! You'll do a great job, I'm sure of it!