Sunday, December 14, 2008

Playing around with the self timer on my camera

So what do you think?

We had to try about 5 times to get this one and people were getting frustrated so I stopped with this one.

We went to church this morning - which is why we are all dressed up on a Sunday morning and my hair is done and I have make-up on.

After the service - which was very moving for me - I always feel like Brother R. can read my mind when he preaches - we talked to the pastor about Meagan being baptised. She has been wanting to for a while but I have been a slacker mom. Anyway, she will be baptised on Christmas Eve. How perfect is that? Like Jimmy said, I can't think of a better time to do it.

I am now doing laundry and trying to keep the kids quiet so Jimmy can watch the Dolphins. They are in the running for first place in their division which is FANTASTIC seeing as they only won one game all of last season.

I also need to do dishes so I can roll out, cut out, and bake the gingerbread men I want to send to Meagan's teachers this week. I borrowed my mom's heavy duty mixer and made one batch of dough last night. I love how all of the spices make the kitchen smell. I'll try and post some pictures of them when I am done with them - if anyone of them make it long enough to be photographed!


Anonymous said...

Please tell Meagan we are very proud of her and we will be there.The pic. is great. Love always Mom.

Cindi said...

I think it's a GREAT family photo!