Friday, July 18, 2008

******Announcing****** Teacher Mom's Pay It Forward Contest

So, I read Swistle daily (another blog for those of you who are new to this) and a while back she decided to have a pay it forward contest, and not just a regular pay it forward contest. (You can read about it on her blog here) I entered a bunch of contests she had linked on her page hoping to win one, and well, I didn't. So, I decided to host a contest of my own.

If you are new to the Pay It Forward idea let me explain:

I am having a contest. To enter the contest you simply need to leave a comment on this entry. On July 27th, I will use a random number generator (one of my kids probably!) and pick a winner. When I send the winner his/her package that person will then hold a Pay It Forward Contest on their blog. (If you do not have a blog, don't worry. I will host your contest on my blog for you.) Each winner will then send a prize to a new winner, hence the name of the contest!

If I have totally confused you, see Swistle's blog where I linked it. She explains it much better than I can!

Now for the good part: the prize you can win! It is pictured at the top of this entry because I STILL HAVE NOT figured out how to insert my pictures in the body of my blog posts.
This is what I will send to you if you win the contest - A smorgasbord of scrap booking products including two packs of idea pages, several idea sheets, three pages of letters, a title idea book, an alphabet stencil, a pack of wintry paper (to help you think cool this summer!), a mini tape runner, a corner rounder, a mini picture sorter, 6 pens, and tons of mini packs of paper and stickers (these are enough to complete 1 -2 pages in a scrapbook).
If you were wondering, yes, I was a Creative Memories consultant once upon a time. I still love to scrapbook and still use their products, I just no longer have the time to teach full time, be a mom and wife, and run a scrapbook business.

I think everyone should scrapbook in some way to help them preserve their memories and I hope that my prize helps someone get started with that, kick starts someone who used to scrapbook, or helps keep an existing scrap booker going.

So if you would like to enter my Pay It Forward contest simply leave me a comment on this post. I would like you to answer this question: Why do you blog/read blogs? What makes you come back to a blog to read it daily/weekly?

Remember, I'll pick a winner on July 27th. Make sure and leave a link to your blog or your e-mail address so I can contact the winner.

Thanks for playing!


Omaha Mama said...

Just hopped over from Swistle's and wow! that is a great prize. I'm a scrapbooker (and a teacher) and was thinking if I win a PIF that my prize would be scrapbooking stuff. Too funny!

Omaha Mama said...

Oh - and you can just drag the photo down into the body of your post. That's how I do it anyways.

Courtney said...

I read blogs for pleasure. It's somehow fascinating to learn about other "real people" and their lives. If a blog is really entertaining or if the person has some close similarity to me then I will usually visit the blog over and over again.

Thanks for the chance to win!

minnie said...

i blog to meet new people.

ya ya's mom said...

i love to see how people are creative in different ways. i also think i blog because I've always longed to be a better writer and feel that somehow by doing a bit of writing daily it will improve my writing skills :) it's been fun to meet so many new people too!!! and I LOVE YOUR PRIZE!!! Have you entered my giveaway yet? It ends Sunday.

Beth said...

Great prize!!

I blog as a personal thing. I only read a few other people's, and I'm pretty sure about 6 people read mine, it's not that interesting. Blogging is a bit like a diary for me...and I hope my kids think it's fun to read some day! :)

The Laytons said...

I also linked here from Swistle's and thought I'd leave a comment. I read blogs to meet new people and to have adult conversations during the day. Sometimes I get tired of only talking to kids!

Chraycee said...

Cool prize package! Another teacher/mom here - I have yet to scrap JB's photos from her first year....egads!

I just put the pictures in first, then type around them so they appear where I want them.

Chraycee said...

Oh, and I read blogs because I like to see what others are up to. I glean bits of advice from them as well :O)

Sarah said...

Hi there! Here from Swistle. I started scrapbooking last year and I love it! I subscribe to my favorite blogs' RSS feeds so I don't have to keep track of everyone. I keep coming back if the posts make me smile, make me think, or help me see a different type of lifestyle. I read some gay/lesbian blogs - I'm straight. I read some mommy blogs - I don't have kids. You get the idea :)

Mommy Daisy said...

I read blogs for the community. I love meeting other mothers and the support they give me. The people I feel like I would connect with in real life are the ones I continue to read and visit.

Michelle said...

I read blogs to help me feel not alone in my wacky issues. That and they entertain me or strike a chord in me in some way -- and those are the ones that keep me coming back! Ambiguous yes, but ... I can't put it better :)

And Omaha Mama gave you the tip already, but yeah I thought I was going to be cool and get to teach you how to do something with the blog (since I know so little, I was proud!).

I love the scrapbooking stuff -- way cool!

Anonymous said...

I started blogging so my family (who all lived far away) could keep up to date with my husband, son and I. That was three years ago. I still blog for that purpose, but also because I love how I can discuss a problem I'm having, and instantly I get responses with advice from people whom I've never met, but feel like friends.

Your prize, by the way, looks AWESOME. Scrapbooking is something that I used to do a lot, and now find myself staying up late so that I can sneak it in!

Misty said...

Thanks for entering my contest. Crossing my fingers for you!

Initially I started blogging to practice writing, because I used to love it so much. Then it became a way to archive my family's day to day life. Finally and currently, it is because of the community and how you get wrapped up in other people's lives. It is all three now.

Love the prize. Gotta enter. Pick me!