Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Ramblings - Ron White

On Friday night we went to see Ron White. He was really funny and 95% of his show was brand new. He even made a couple of mistakes in telling his jokes but rolled with them and made them funny too! He meant to say Pacific Ocean and said Specific Ocean, USO tour and said UFO tour, and some other joke where the punch line didn't work out. He then used the (non)punch line several more times and made it funny!

I was amazed about how rude people were about getting up during the show. Maybe it's the teacher in me, but come on, the show was only about an hour and a half. If you can't sit still that long, why are you there? Jimmy pointed out to me that their beer/alcohol consumption probably had something to do with them getting up so frequently.

The funniest part of the show was about half way through. Three people went down the aisle to go to their seats (which were in the FRONT row.) Ron spotted them and said, "Can we get you anything? Like maybe a watch??" Okay, so it doesn't sound so funny here but trust me, it was funny during the show.

I would love to see the whole Blue Collar Comedy Club (Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Larry the Cableguy, and Ron White) together. I know that that would be a really good show.

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Cindi said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Ron White so much! My husband and sons just laugh hysterically at him!