Monday, July 28, 2008

We love you Baskin Robbins!

After going to the Galleria (but before the Astros game) we made a stop at Half Price Books. Guess what store was located just down from it??
We stopped for an afternoon snack that we all enjoyed. Meagan ate chocolate chip ice cream and Garrett had chocolate obviously! He loves his ice cream in a cone and she is a cup/spoon girl. I enjoyed Nutty Coconut, which is impossible to find anywhere but Baskin Robbins and Jimmy had, ummm. . ., I don't remember because they were out of his favorite sherbert.
Jimmy and I love the waffle cones that they make in the store. Everytime I have one I am reminded of when I was a kid eating frozen yougurt at Jerry Smith's in Alice. Boy, I miss that place!
There is no Baskin Robbins in Alice any more so we try to stop at the one in Corpus every now and then, or like this, when we are in another town.

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debrennersmith said... Love the icecream pictures. You might like some of my postings since I post about writing and reading every day.