Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ice Skating and Astros Game

On Tuesday morning we went to the Galleria and went ice skating. It was not as hard as I thought that it would be. Of course, little kids were out on the ice swooping around making it look like the easiest thing in the world! Meagan and Garrett hung out in one corner of the rink mostly. I ventured down the side of the rink - but not too far! I would like to have tried to make it all the way around the rink but my feet were killing me! I don't know if my boots were the wrong size or if my feet just cramped up from them trying to hang on and stay upright. I am proud to say that I did not fall. Yea me!
On Tuesday evening we went to a Houston Astros game. Garrett, Meagan, and I spent most of the game in the kid zone, play place thing. We did get to see Elaine and Molly at the game briefly. Sadly, the Astros lost 8 to 2.

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