Monday, August 18, 2008

I won a Pay It Forward Contest!!

So, I got an e-mail a while back from Clarabella at Living and Learning telling me I won her Pay It Forward contest! Fast forward a few days and guess what I saw on my porch the other day??

This box!
When I opened the box I found all sorts of goodies! There were some really cute flip flop candle holders and yummy pear votive candles to go in them. They have a new home on my dining room table. There was also a cute little journal, pen, and bookmarks that will be perfect for when I start back to school. The photo album will be great for showing off my vacation pictures. (I like to show my students places that I visit.) The kids also hit the jackpot! For Meagan there were sparkly pony tail holders. For Garrett there was a set of magnetic alphabet letters that we promptly put on the refrigerator. These will be perfect for quizzing him on his letters. He is already sorting them by color. The outside toys (airplanes, Frisbee, and chalk) will be great as soon as it stops raining. (We have had an unusual amount of rain around here lately.)

Thank you so much Clarabella! The prize box was just what I needed to cheer me up. (I'm a little sad about my summer ending.) The goodies for the kids were perfect for those I'm bored and I've played with everything in my room end of summer blues.

Stay tuned because I will be holding another contest of my own during September to keep the Pay It Forward game going!


Clarabella said...

Yay! I'm so glad it made it there with everything intact. I should've written a note about the "portable Therapy" thing too, which is a joke among my friends and I. Every now and then one of us buys something that we have to pass on until someone outside the circle eventually ends up with it (doesn't make much sense written down, but we have fun with it.) That was the most recent item, and it had been sitting on my desk staring at me until I had the thought to include it in the box. Maybe it'll come in handy sometime mid-semester :)

debrennersmith said...

So fun! Are you thinking about doing the same thing? You might have your students write a little book of stories to add to a pay it forward with a beanie babie or something. That would be so fun!