Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm in love!

With my new couch and chair that is!

Jimmy and I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase a new couch and chair. We decided on leather because after doing some research I learned it is better for kids with asthma and allergies. Especially those children who are allergic to dust mites - which is one of the things Garrett was really allergic to. (More about asthma and allergies later because I have some new info on that front too.)

Here is the chair. Please ignore the fancy table and sippy cup on the side of the shot!
Here's the sofa and again, ignore the cup and table.
Here's a closeup of the side of the arm rests. Here is a closeup of one of the feet - is that what you call this part of the couch?? You can also see the scroll work that runs along the bottom of the couch and chair.

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Cindi said...

Your new furniture looks great! We had a dark red leather chair that came from hubby's grandmother's house after she passed away. We loved that chair, and used it until it really did wear out. It was at least 70 years old when we had to dispose of it. I hope you enjoy your new couch and chair!