Friday, August 29, 2008

Well . . . the first week is over

My feet are killing me, my voice is almost gone at times, and I am exhausted!

On a good note:

Things have been going well behavior wise.

I am finished with one of the beginning of year tests I have to give and almost finished with the second test. (I have a third beginning of year test but I don't have to give it to too many of my kids.)

The new principal has been great about meeting with us and hearing our ideas for the year.

I am almost finished planning for next week (I even have some of the copies I need made already!)

We have a three day weekend! I want to use part of my free time to make some long range plans for reading. (My teaching partners plan math, science, and social studies.)

Meagan loves middle school and seems to have had no problems with the transition from elementary school.

Garrett is doing well in kindergarten. (His teacher, however, is more exhausted than I am. She has had 32 kids all week. We are in the process of adding another K teacher to make the classes smaller. She is in my prayers!)

On a totally different note: We are in the cone of uncertainty for Hurricane Gustav. Please pray for whoever will ultimately be in Gustav's path.

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