Friday, August 15, 2008

Our visit to Bloomington

On Thursday I took a break from working in my classroom. My mom and I (along with Meagan and Garrett) drove to Bloomington, Texas. Bloomington is a small community outside of Victoria. We went to visit my grandmother whom I call Aunt Celle. (Don't ask why - it's just always been that way : )

Here is a picture of Aunt Celle and I.
Here is one of Meagan, Aunt Celle, Garrett, and me.
Here is Aunt Celle and my mom (Grandma Silly to my kids)
The kids were really well behaved the whole day. They had fun playing with all of the toys in Aunt Celle's spare room. They really enjoyed playing Pharmacy.

We went to eat lunch at a really good Mexican food restaurant. My mom had enchiladas, Aunt Celle had flautas (I hope I spelled that right!), I had beef and chicken fajitas with grilled shrimp. Meagan, who does not like Mexican food, had pancakes and bacon, and Garrett mostly ate tortilla chips. (He ate later.)

We then spent the rest of the afternoon (except for snack time - see below) doing what we love to do best, sitting around chatting about anything that popped into our heads. We discussed what was going on in the big town of Bloomington, what the kids had been up to, what Mom and I had been doing, etc. We caught up on Aunt Celle's kids and their kids. We just talked and talked and talked. Mom, the kids, and I had a great visit and we won't let so much time pass before we go back again! We love you Aunt Celle!

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