Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My classroom . . . A progress report

In my last school post I wrote about 6 different areas that needed to be cleaned/organized.

After working in my room on Tuesday morning for a couple of hours and Wednesday for about four hours, here is a report of how I am doing:

1. Under the sink - done! (I wish I could make check marks on the computer : ) I can't actually take credit for this area though. The custodians dusted and stacked everything back so neatly I didn't have to do anything. I do need to wash, iron, and hang the curtain I use to cover the area.
2. Listening center - didn't touch this
3. Math manipulatives shelves - done!
4. Reading manipulatives shelf - it is organized but I have a small rolling cart of reading things I wanted to put on it but they just aren't going to fit. I hardly ever use them so they may wind up in a box in the closet that is easily accessible if I want them.
5. Classroom library - this is where I spent most of my time today. As I mentioned we teach using the balanced literacy model. A cornerstone of this model is a classroom library organized by genre/author/subject, etc. I spent A LOT of time going through all of my various book baskets making sure only the proper books were in them. All of the baskets I have out are now correct. I still have three large bins of books to put out however. I can't do this because I am OUT OF SHELF space. I am waiting on our new principal (she was just appointed yesterday!) to get a chance to approve some shuffling around of furniture so I can have more shelf space.

Once I have more space I can get out more books and file them in baskets I already have started or create new baskets. I also need to label the books with some sort of sticker so the kids can put them back in the correct place. I used library sticks (well, paint stir sticks) last year but the kids really didn't do a good job with that. I want to apply colored stickers to all of my books so kids can match the sticker on the book to the sticker on the basket it goes in. I also need to put library pockets/cards in my books and label them with AR data. I have to type each title into the computer in order to do that. Luckily, this year we converted to the online program that AR has, so I can bring the books home a few at a time and check them online when I have time. As I bring them home to do this, I plan on checking for pockets/cards, labeling them with the correct sticker, and typing up an inventory list. Whew . . . I'm tired just thinking of it!

6. Writing Center/Student supplies area - done!

I also cleaned out my huge built in closet/shelving unit today. (Well, all except one section which I refuse to think about!)

When I go to school on Friday I plan on putting up my two bulletin boards and various posters/wall decorations. My team and I will meet on Monday to plan, and we will begin inservice on the 19th. The kids' first day is the 25th. Boy, summer went by in a flash this year!

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Cindi said...

It sounds like you've got things under control Elizabeth! Fortunately I went through everything as I put it away in the spring, so I just have a couple of things to do to get my desk and shelf area in order. I'm making a statement by refusing to go in early this year. We officially start on Monday (yikes!) and kids show up next Thursday, Aug. 20.

Where HAS the summer gone??