Saturday, August 23, 2008

My new haircut

Here is my new haircut. This picture was taken on my first day back to work.

The whole district meets at the high school for opening ceremonies (for lack of a better word) by the superintendent. We also always have a motivational speaker to kick off the school year. (He was really good this year!)

So, anyway, I spent a while on my new hairdo, actually put on make-up, and went to the high school. I was late due to the hair/makeup so I didn't get to chat with anyone.

After the speaker we all were told to go back to our campuses to continue with our staff development there.

Guess who was caught in a HUGE rainstorm?

If you guessed me, you would be correct.

New hairdo? totally flat and stringy.

Make-up? Smeared.

Note to self: buy an umbrella and carry it!

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Cindi said...

That is SO the story of my life! You look all happy and definitely ready for a great school year in your picture!