Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm still here

. . . just in case anyone is wondering.

I had a busy week at school. I tested almost 30 kids from three different grade levels.

I also met with the new teacher daily to make sure she was ready for the next day, had a parent meeting with third grade teachers/parents about the TAKS test, looked for/confirmed science fair judges, met with a reading consultant with third and fourth grades, tutored in a fourth grade class one afternoon, had DI practice, prepared materials for mocks TAKS tests, gathered materials for DI and took a field trip for DI.

On Saturday I took my DI kids (along with DI kids from 4 other schools) to Corpus for a field trip in order to get ready for the big meet in March. On Sunday I took it easy. I went to a friend's house and scrapbooked and then came home and scrapbooked some more.

Did I do any laundry?? NO. Guess what I'll be doing in the evenings this week? Mom?? Are you reading this? (Hint, Hint :)

This week doesn't look like it will be any better.

I have a meeting today after school to wrap up organizing the school science fair, I will tutor tomorrow, will have DI on Wednesday, and go to the doctor on Thursday after school. I also want to go to a Pampered Chef party Thursday evening. Mom?? Are you reading this? I'll pick you up around . . . oh, I can't remember when the party is. I'll pick you up at some point on Thursday evening!

The school science fair is on Friday so I'll be busy with that and I need to get classes started -today!

Oh, I have to get my personal kids' science fair projects going as well.

Who else is up for a busy week?


Anonymous said...

Load it up bring it over with all supplys. Will not smell. Got your hint.You can bring my phone and oats also. So when you pick up your clothes you can also pick up COOKIES. LOVE YOU Mom

Cindi said...

Wow Mom...and when you're finished with Elizabeth's laundry, I have about 7 loads that need done! And cookies? That would be great!!

Elizabeth, what testing materials are you using? Is the job all you hoped it would be?

It sure sounds like you're a busy woman, that's for sure. Is DI Destination Imagination?

Anonymous said...

Hope all was fine I know the cookies were I read your twitter. i tryed to wash a load of my own and the washing machine would not start a red light came on and flashed TIRED. LOL.I love you and Jimmy,Meagan,Garrett. Talk to you soon. Love Mom