Saturday, January 3, 2009

My newly cleaned and organized scrapbook area

Here it is!
This is in the left hand corner of our living room. Our living room is a long rectangle with four doorways. Our furniture is mostly on the right hand side of the room so that leaves room on the left for my stuff!

The table is a hand me down from my father. The blue organizer on the left is my birthday gift! (My birthday is on Jan. 8th, the same day as Elvis. Thank you, Thank you very much.) The white organizer on the right is a hand me down from my friend Elice. The green containers on the floor on the left are for my kids. I put anything in there that comes home from school, activities, etc. When I scrapbook about their school year I look through the bucket for things I want to include. I need a system for things that are too big for the scrapbook but that I still want to keep. Any ideas/suggestions??

The big black bag under the table holds all of my paper. It is sorted in various organizers/packages.

Yes, the table does block the front door but we never used it anyway.

Blue Organizer - top drawer - small punches, corner cutters, scissors, blades, adhesives

Second drawer - large and medium punches, chalk in the black bag (It is upside down so it doesn't dry out.)
Third drawer - stencils, cutting tools Fourth drawer - pens, open pages and page protectors

Fifth drawer - cutting patterns, personal trimmer

This is my ribbon drawer. Ribbon and journaling boxes/photo mats are kept in the small white organizer on the top of the table.
Here is a picture of part of my mantle. You can see all of the albums I own. The light purple one is Meagan's from birth to age 4. The red one is Meagan's for kinder to now (school stuff). The dark blue ones are family albums. The light blue one is Garrets birth to four album (I know I am behind . . . shh . . . just don't tell him!) The pinkish one is Meagan's own album. (Girl Scout trips, things she and I have done by ourselves, etc.) It doesn't make sense for Meagan to have two separate albums but I've already started them and they can't be combined so oh well.

So, what are your hobbies? (And do you have as much junk for them as I do??)


ya ya's mom said...

Nicely organized. I'm kinda jealous as it's so neat and tidy. Maybe I'll take pics of my tornado stricken scrap room and post. Hopefully it will shame me into cleaning it up....

My problem is I just have too much stuff!!!!

Cindi said...

I've always thought about getting into scrapbooking. I even bought a bunch of paper and other stuff to do it. That was a few years ago though, and I just haven't gotten started, sigh.

It looks as though you have it all organized, so it's easy to do! I'm jealous!

Nothing Too Fancy... said...

OMG! Are you so excited?! DO you keep walking over to look at it? We upgraded to a computer desk after two years of using a coffee was incredible! Congratulations!

Thanks for stopping by "Nothing Too Fancy." I love to meet new readers!

Anonymous said...

Iam so pruod of you keep up the work...........Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Love your camera please use it everyday. My grandbabbies are growing up to fast. Love Mom