Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You need to listen to this album

The picture is a little small but this is David Cook's first album. And I LOVE it! Santa put the CD in my stocking. (How does Santa always know just what I want??)

What? You don't know who David Cook is? He won American Idol last May. You can listen to two of his songs from my music reader over there on the right. Just click on his name to hear his songs.

David was amazing to watch on American Idol. Week after week he would take all different types of artists and make their music his. Really. He made a Dolly Parton song sound AWESOME!

I love the entire album. That hasn't happened to me in forever. I usually buy a CD for one or two songs and never listen to the rest of the album because it just doesn't click with me. Not true with this one!

What are you waiting for? Go buy his album!

If you want to learn more about David Cook check out his official site by clicking here. There's even a blog that he writes.

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