Friday, January 16, 2009

This one's for you Mom!

I talked to my mom the other night and she let me know she wasn't happy that I hadn't updated my blog lately. She wants to see pictures from trip to Houston.

I will write a post about my trip to Houston tomorrow - I promise Mom!

I will give everyone a quick job update - how's that?

The new girl started on Monday. She went to training on Monday with the other two girls who teach third grade. I was all by myself and to be honest - I didn't know what to do with myself during my conference period!! The three of us are totally attached at the hip and are always together during our conference period. I went and did my work in the office just to be around other people!

When I talked to V and E about it they said I was missed at training too. It was vvvveeerrryyy quiet at lunch without me. At least they are thinking about me!

On Tuesday all of the third and fourth grade teachers went to training in Corpus. I counted wrong when I requested our table at lunch because I was still counting myself as a third grade teacher! (The training was good by the way. It was given by Barry Lane. He's written lots of books about teaching writing. He's funny and the day went by really quickly. If you are a teacher you know that is the sign of a good workshop - the day going by quickly.)

Starting on Wednesday Ms. S watched me and took notes. As we had time we discussed the plans she will be responsible for, the students, routines, etc. The kids were very receptive to her.

Today she was in charge for most of the afternoon and at the end of the day sat down with the kids and explained that on Tuesday she would be taking over. We have a workday on Monday. We (all four of us) will work together to get everything settled for all of them to start the new six weeks on Tuesday.

I know that Ms. S. is going to do a great job. The way that she works with the kids is excellent. We planned on meeting each afternoon just to make sure she is set for the next day.

My leaving third grade has brought lots of other changes to the other two girls as well. V is giving up planning her beloved math. E is giving up her safety net of planning science and social studies. I wouldn't be able to leave my class if I didn't have them there to step in and help Ms. S.

It's really starting to hit me that I am no longer a third grade teacher. A little part of me will always be a third grade teacher. I feel so strongly about this because of all I have been through in room 6. It's been a long road to get where I am today.

It's starting to dawn on other people too. L. an aide that has worked through thick and thin with me said, "Oh yeah, you won't be in here any more." She then gave me the best compliment she ever could. She told me she learned a lot from me. That means so much to me.

On Monday I'll start working in my new room.

I've come full circle. I will be in room 10 which is the first classroom that I ever taught in. I started teaching in January 2000. I took over for a teacher who needed to leave in December.

I don't have lesson plans due on Monday. What am I going to do Sunday night?? (Or should I say Monday morning at 5:00 a.m.?)


ya ya's mom said...

sounds like you have all your ducks in a row. i taught third grade for 4 years at my school and went to first this year. i'm at a conference this weekend and my old partners are here. i never see them, but this weekend it's just like old times. good luck with the new job!

Anonymous said...

I love you every much.THANK YOU. love mom

Cindi said...

You are going to do JUST FINE! You will find something to fill your time up, lol!